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Inbal and Lior Alon - Beeri

Inbal and Lior, members of Kibbutz Beeri, parents of four adult sons, two sets of twins.

Lior came to Beeri from Kibbutz Ein Shemer. From October 7 on he has been working as a farmer in the kibbutz. Inbal, whose parents founded the kibbutz, is currently training to be a social worker after years of working at the Beeri printing press.

They had been living in the house that was destroyed since 2018.


Lior always felt, and still does, that Beeri is the safest place in the world.

On Friday, October 6 2023, they celebrated the kibbutz's 77th birthday, an evening that included singing, storytelling, poetry and laughter. Everyone agreed that it was an evening with a special atmosphere. On the morning of October 7 Lior and Inbal stayed at home with two of their sons. The youngest son was on a trip to Japan, and another was in his room on the kibbutz.

At seven in the morning, when they were already sitting in the MAMAD (safe room), the terrorists entered their house and tried to break into the MAMAD (safe room). Luckily Lior told his sons to hold the door handle. The terrorists kicked the door while cursing and shouting "Allah Akbar", "Itbah al Yehud” while using a special horn they found in the house, used at the demonstrations against the judiciary reform.

They were saved due to pure luck. The terrorists placed a cupboard near the MAMAD (safe room) door with the intention it would catch fire and burn the MAMAD (safe room) but their plan failed.

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Grief hits them as a family when they discover that Inbal's niece’s husband was killed as well as her best friend.

There were not many objects left in their destroyed house, so Inbal and Lior chose to renew furniture from a sitting area in the backyard that includes a table and some chairs that were recently purchased.

On a large burnt bookcase, two other objects were found, a vase and a lamp which they chose to renew in the style similar to their house that was lost.

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