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Orit and Yoram Baron - Kibbutz Kfar Aza

Orit and Yoram have been living on Kfar Aza for over forty years.

Their house has undergone many changes and renovations over the years, but it has always had a wall full of family photos at its center, a wall on which the different generations of the family were displayed, from the youngest generation to the distant family history.

The wall and the pictures hanging on it, according to Orit, are what connected the children to grandparents they didn't know.


Orit was the community manager of Kfar Aza, and she and her husband Yoram were in the MAMAD (safe room) during the attack on October 7. The terrorists entered the house and tried to enter the MAMAD (safe room) by kicking and shooting at the door. Yoram who was holding the door handle was shot by a bullet that penetrated the door and Orit, who only saw his back, did not see that he was hurt. As soon as she saw the injury, Orit bandaged Yoram with a sheet she had and reported that he was injured via the cell phone.

In light of Yoram's condition, the tense situation and the need to be available to the community, Orit, realizing the cell phone’s battery was about to run out, and driven by a strong desire to survive and help the community, decided to jump out of the window of the MAMAD (safe room). She went through the backyard into the house and grabbed the charger. She also brought Yoram an ice cream, which he especially loved, to comfort him, ease his pain, and allow him to deal with his injury.


Motivated and task driven, Orit did not clearly understand the immediate destruction and danger of their house. It was only after they were rescued from the MAMAD (safe room) that Orit and Yoram discovered that the terrorists had thrown the family's wall of photos into the bathtub and smashed it. When Orit heard about the project, her daughter suggested that she bring the photos to the Comfort Object project. Together with her daughter and Maya, they went through each photo and chose new picture frames for the new wall.

Orit says time and time again how happy she is to be part of the project and more importantly, how much she is already looking forward to re-installing the renewed family photo wall, which currently includes about ten family photos, in their new home.

During a visit to the old house on the kibbutz, Shunit took a picture of Orit near the MAMAD (safe room) window, holding an ice cream like the one she brought Yoram, and a mobile phone charger.

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