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Shlomit and Eitan Mor - Kfar Aza

Shlomit arrived in Kfar Aza in 1972 with a four-month-old baby girl following her husband who was in a group that was sent from Afikim to build Kfar Aza.

We met Shlomit for the first time at Maya's studio. A special, sensitive, humble, sad woman who speaks honestly and openly.

We all know her family from the coverage in the media. The grief, the names of the children and grandchildren that were killed and at the same time the courage and heroism alongside the great loss. Her personal story remains behind the scenes.

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In her home, which is located in one of the Moshavim of the Gaza border area, time seems to have stood still on October 7. We came to pick up a makeup table that Shlomit asked us to renew.

She had it for decades and moved it with her to Kfar Aza. The makeup table, which was almost undamaged, was used to store Shlomit's jewelry, items dear to her heart, jewelry that she collected from the age of 18, as well as socks, flashlights for night walks with the grandchildren, and glasses.

With her characteristic modesty, Shlomit asked to change the makeup table, to breathe new life into it.

We talk about the table. Shlomit shares her thoughts and says how she wants it to look after the renovation - a jewelry dresser that will remind her of the jewelry she stored in it, a memento from the past, from that house.

On October 7, Shlomit was on a trip in Europe but heard the horrors live through video calls with one of her grandchildren. She heard that her daughter was murdered, she realized that her grandchildren were orphans, and her house, her physical and mental home, was broken into, damaged and would never be the same again.

Shlomit arrives in Israel, a hard and painful landing that does not prepare her for the difficult moments that await her.

She does not lose the ability to see the other, to accept with patience and sensitivity, the support and help of her immediate family. Amidst all the sadness and grief that have become part of her life, Shlomit finds a place to thank us, to cherish our work.


With sensitivity and attention to the small details, Maya separates the mirror from the table and creates two different pieces of furniture that are delicate and precise. Moving day is coming. We pack the old-new dresser with extra care in preparation for its move to Shlomit's new home, which is still, today, close to her grandchildren.

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